dR SAM albums

dR SAM albums

dR SAM is considered one of the early reggae singer in Malaysia. He is also the first singer record the reggae album. His first album Abu Nawas release in 1983 with Polygram Record (Malaysia) with hit songs like ‘Abu Nawas’ and ‘Hutan Batu’. His second album Sayang Oh Sayang followed in 1984, this album, His unique blend of two genre music (reggae and dangdut) on the track Dangdut Reggae. The third album ‘Saya Anak Malaysia’ release in 1986, Track Saya Anak Malaysia is a good successful song by dR SAM with the pride lyrical as a Malaysian. The title track Saya Anak Malaysia soon became popular. dR SAM organized a backing band, Musafir, who were to accompany him on live show. Abu Nawas (1983), Sayang Oh Sayang (1984), Saya Anak Malaysia (1986), and Semarak Merdeka followed, released on the Polygram Record, After the release album Semarak Merdeka in 1987, His last album Sinar Harapan release under EMI record in 1989.


Gerhana SkaCinta – Malaysian Ska-Rocksteady-Reggae Band


Gerhana SkaCinta (GSC) were a Malaysian Ska band, Gerhana Skacinta created by Edy J Herwan . In early 2001 GSC record for a compilation album entitled Tribute To Sweet Charity, they covered the song Jangan Tunggu Lama-lama. In March 2002, Gerhana Skacinta start to record their first EP entitled Skali Skale consisted of 5 tracks under the Clockwork Records. A song Hadirnya Cinta became was a big hit and received a lot of radio airplay. The same year in late 2002, their start to records full-length album entitled Boss Sounds with 11 track album. The second full-length album The New Authentic release in 2004 consisting of 13 tracks with hits song Senyuman Ragamu, on vokal by Radhi OAG, Gerhana Skacinta quickly became the popular with the song. followed by the succesful album The New Authentic Gerhana Skacinta release The Re-New Authentic (repackage album) is consist of 3 bonus tracks Karisma Cinta, Senyuman Ragamu (acoustic version) and Ku Tunggu Mu Di Sungai Babylon and plus 3 tracks minus one of senyuman Raga Mu, Terpesona and asmara. The next followed album This Is Ska release in 2006. Their also have records 2 live album Live ‘N’ Loud In Singapore in 2005 and Live in HRC Kuala Lumpur. In 2008 GSC release The Best Of album… So Far…